Are you R-E-D-y? Get it ? Ready? Ahh, I'm introducing ways to make gray scale winter outfits pop in this blog post! If you're walking around New York in the winter time, you're likely to see winter schemes + dark outfits. Although its sort of the theme for this season, why do I need to … Continue reading R-E-D-y?

Bundle Up!

This nippy weather has me looking for coats, just warm and fuzzy coats to keep me cozy! I recently stepped out in a blush/dusty (faux) fur coat that was as show stopper. Not only will it keep you warm, it will literally catch the attention of every person walking past you. I wore a turtle … Continue reading Bundle Up!

Tobago Recap

For the past few days, I've been reminiscing about my vacation in Tobago and I rounded up my favorite pictures, places, outfits and one special sunset to share. The only swimwear I wore on this trip was Veranera. This two piece is the Rosa Nautical Triangle Bikini. I've linked it below and am naming it … Continue reading Tobago Recap

Suede + Velvet

There's something about suede that makes you want to wear it over and over again. It's not so warm, but it does keep you stylish. Even in this bitter-cold New York weather, staying stylish is a must. Personally I like to layer Duster Coats to fill out the form a little. Underneath this Brown Suede … Continue reading Suede + Velvet

Bombers for Fall

During Fall fashion week in New York, I had the pleasure of meeting several designers at one of the events I attended.  Fast forward a couple of months later and here I am wearing a bomber jacket from Kaer, one of the designs featured on Nineteenth Amendment. It's a site where you'll find nothing but … Continue reading Bombers for Fall

A Fall Statement

This time last year, I was rocking a deep blue jumpsuit, which would be the jumpsuit that made me fall in love with jumpsuits..anyways, fast forward a year later and what am I wearing? A GOLD JUMPSUIT from Red Dress Boutique. I'm partnering with Red Dress to show off some of their styles and when … Continue reading A Fall Statement

Oliver Bilou

Does anyone else feel like its Summer one day then Fall the next? Although Summer is "officially" over, us New Yorkers are getting perfectly chilled days and some not so perfectly chilled ones. The funky weather has all different kinds of outfits on deck in my closet, and this one seen here is one of … Continue reading Oliver Bilou


PART 3!!! Its easy for me to say that part 3 was my favorite because it was something different for me. Ombre Agency, a digital fashion marketing agency, hosted a party with bloggers + designers and it was a ball! The people you meet and the things you do shape who you are. So when … Continue reading NYFW⎮PART 3

NYFW⎮Part 2

Safe to say I'm already missing the excitement of NYFW, but I've still got tons of outfits and experiences to share! This outfit I threw together the night before I left and it was all pieces I had already owned! Here is some insight to how this avant-garde look came to life. The high-low romper … Continue reading NYFW⎮Part 2

NYFW ⎮ Part 1

  That's a wrap for my first, and definitely not last, New York Fashion Week. I was honored to be invited and I'm excited to see what's next, but first a re-cap. My first event, which was not day 1, but day 3, was Olivia Palermo's new collection launch at Banana Republic. The show was … Continue reading NYFW ⎮ Part 1

A Comfortable Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! While everyones winding down from the long, but peaceful, holiday weekend. I'm sitting here thinking of things to write about this outfit. Besides sharing the link to purchase it, what is there to write really? It's a levi's t-shirt, jeans, suede heels and sunglasses, stylish but basic. Basic, but comfortable. Comfortable and one … Continue reading A Comfortable Tuesday


Once in a blue moon, I'm that girl that likes to wear long sleeves with shorts, and it makes sense if its a breezy Summer day, right? While I might not have any real justification for wearing sleeves in the midst of Summer, I thoroughly just enjoy the way it looks. I'm wearing a pure … Continue reading Lilysilk

Halters + Flare

I've never been more excited to share a pair of pants with all of my lady subscribers out there (especially my petite ones.) High waisted flare might be one of those things that can be worn in any season, but for summer it had to be paired with a little crop top. The best part … Continue reading Halters + Flare

Early Summer Inspo

While it's still Spring, all the feels of Summer are slowly taking over. The days are warmer, longer, and brighter. This quick little weekend look was made with pieces that I already owned, but I've put together summer inspiration pieces to transition into the season below. Click to shop, and remember, you can find similar … Continue reading Early Summer Inspo

Sweet Velour

Ahh I've been waiting all week to share this outfit because it's without a doubt one of my new favorite dresses! Recently I took a trip to a pop up shop in Manhattan, the shops were great, however on my way home I stopped at H&M because who wouldn't? If you've been to the H&M … Continue reading Sweet Velour

Lovita & Co.

Happy Sunday Everyone! First off, I'm so very thrilled to be sharing some jewels from Lovita & Co. but I'm even more thrilled to share how it made this formal Spring outfit pop! With so many Spring festivities happening, you can't help but think, how are you going to stand out from everyone else? Well … Continue reading Lovita & Co.

Caramel • Co

I guess I was extra smiley when taking pictures for this outfit, but that could have been because I got a sweet treat from Caramelandco. This shop has tons of great pieces, but I especially fell in love with this Stone Monaco Hobo and you can purchase it on sale now!!! Warmer weather means warmer outfits … Continue reading Caramel • Co

From Anny

Everyone has been waiting to find out where these perfect pink pants are from and they are from FROMANNY! When I saw these, I knew I had to have them, I was picturing myself being Blair Waldorf for a day and said this an outfit you could probably catch her in, I even broke out … Continue reading From Anny

On The Go in NYC

When you're spending the day in New York City, you need an "on the go" outfit that has comfort, warmth(if needed), and most  importantly S-T-Y-L-E. Now i'd be lying if I said I made it through the day walking around and shopping in these boots, but I did make it about 3 hours, before having … Continue reading On The Go in NYC