Easter Baby


With Easter right around the corner, we decided to style a little easter bunny for the holiday. Right away we knew we needed to implement plenty of color to get the perfect look.


Baby Harper was styled with a one-piece tutu from H&M. Although it can’t be seen, the top of the tutu is a light pink with an x-back. The bottom carries multiple colors, which is fitting for the occasion.


We continued to create the look by adding a white fur vest, also found at H&M, which created a balance between all the colors on the tutu. While shopping in H&M, we stumbled upon a gold and pink bow which topped off this outfit perfectly, but when you’re ready to head outside for the Easter egg hunt, theres something else that might be better for this outfit.


What were the odds that we’d find a hat to match the tutu perfectly?DSC00809

The hat may have been slightly big for baby Harper, but at least it serves its purpose of keeping the sun out of her eyes.


While Harper seemed to love her outfit, she wanted to play with the hat more than wear it, but her Easter outfit left her looking flawless. Want to shop this look for your young one? The entire outfit was purchased at H&M coming in at a total of $80, but with a look this cute, can you really put a price on it?




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