Instagram is a network for art, fashion, and much more. Recently, I connected with what we call, an IG sensation. How many of you pay attention to the fashion behind eyewear?

Arian Fartash is eye doctor posting all things eyes, eye wear, and eye fashion. STYLED.BYSIMONE had the pleasure of doing an interview with this GLAMOPTOMETRIST.

STYLED.BYSIMONE: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

ARI: This question is always the hardest for me to put into writing, for this reason I’ll take a page from Us Magazine and do a 10 things you may not know about me:

  1. I love all animals! Except for killer whales, they really scare me.
  2. My favorite type of coffee is a flat white.
  3. I treat my dog, Sarah, like she is human.
  4. My mom is also a glam Optometrist.
  5. I am obsessed with peanut butter.
  6. My go to meal to cook for my husband is broccoli beef.
  7. A dream of mine is to attend NY fall fashion week one day.
  8. The person I would like to meet the most would have to be Jenny from the Block!
  9. Chuck Bass is my celebrity crush.
  10. I love everything about eyes, eyewear, and eye fashion!


STYLED.BYSIMONE: When did you decide that you were into fashion and more specifically when did you decide eye fashion was what you wanted to post about?

ARI: Growing up, I was always that girl that had the outrageous style. I would wear burets, shoes adorned with sequence, and wild color combos. You could even say I was a Punky Bruster of sorts. But that fun loving fashion sense created the woman I am today. I love to express myself through fashion. Depending on my mood, activity, and setting, how I dress changes. Fast forward a couple decades later, I found myself in a health field where I could embrace my love of individuality and character through fashion.

Opthalmic eyewear and sun wear are statement accessories that can build or add to any look. Whatever the occasion, there is a pair of glasses to compliment. I wanted to start posting about eye fashion to educate the world that just like shoes, glasses come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We should not limit ourselves to just one pair, because unlike shoes, glasses are the first thing people will notice when they look at you because they sit on your face. So I hope to inspire my followers to step outside the black frame norm and look for more exciting and fashion forward frames to wear.



STYLED.BYSIMONE: What do you look for when purchasing eye wear? 

ARI: The best thing about needing glasses is that they are not only functional by giving you sight, but they are also stylish and can make a statement. And I would say that is what I look for when purchasing eyewear… to make a statement. With that said, I cannot just wear any fabulous pair, they have to fit right. I have a smaller nose bridge, so most over- sized, you want to hide your sins from the previous night, type of glasses don’t work for me, unless they have nose pads. So most of my ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses I buy have nose pads or if they don’t, I’ll pay to have small ones added to the nose piece. (side note: you can transform any frame to fit better on your face by adding nose pads. It costs no more than $40 and any optical shop can do this for you.)

In addition to fit, I pay attention to lens material and coatings. The material I almost always use is Trivex, it is light weight and has better clarity than most other materials, unless you have a very high prescription, then you may want to get Hi- Index. Hi- Index allows for less distortion and less thickness as well. Then there are coatings. For coatings I use an anti- glare called Sapphire. I feel that Sapphire gives me the clearest vision possible, while smudging less than other brands. It is also ideal for night time driving and electronic use. For sunglasses, I have been purchasing a lot of mirrored lenses lately. They are fun, in style, and really keep the glare out. Most people also love Polarized lenses, as it not only protects their eyes from harmful rays, but also cuts out the glare. Unfortunately, I am one of the few people who get “sea sick” with this lens and therefore, cannot use it.

As far as color, I choose to stay away from too many black pairs. Color adds brightness and depth to your face, while complimenting your fashionable look. Pink, green, and red are my favorite frame colors right now.


STYLED.BYSIMONE: How many pairs of glasses do you own?

ARI: Haha, too many! I get asked this question A LOT! Because I grew up with an Optometrist mother, I have been collecting glasses for some time now. Sunglasses, I probably have close to 40. I really should get one of those display cases to store them in. I keep all of my sunglasses, as I think they are timeless. However, after my lasik a few years ago I gave away most of my ophthalmic glasses. At the moment, I have about 10 pairs of them.



STYLED.BYSIMONE: Which pair is your favorite and why? 

ARI: My favorite pair right now are my special edition Chanels I recently purchased. They are seriously a piece of art. The amount of detail on these frames is unreal and they are a sure statement. I hope to pass them on to my future daughter one day.



STYLED.BYSIMONE: Who’s your favorite designer for eye wear, and who’s your favorite designer overall?

ARI: My favorite eye wear designer is Tom Ford. His glasses are so light weight, modern, and fashion forward. The best part is, most of them have nose pads, which is a winner for me.

A fashion house I do want to see come into the optical world is Balmain. I think they would be exceptional pieces as Olivier is a master at architectural beauty and design.

My favorite overall designer would have to be the all- time classic, Chanel. Chanel is able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. I am saving up for a Chanel skirt and jacket ensemble and when the day finally comes, I going to wear that thing til in shreds!


STYLED.BYSIMONE: What’s your best advice to consumers when they are shopping for sunglasses?

ARI: Two words: Fun and fit!

Make sure your sunnies not only fit you well, but are fun! Start building your collection by selecting frames for various occasions. I have sunglasses for outdoor weddings, working out, running errands, tropical vacations, and more! Don’t be afraid to take risks with fun shapes and colors. And lastly, stay away from too much black!


STYLED.BYSIMONE: Do you have a favorite quote?

ARI: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”

I love this quote because life never turns out the way you plan and that’s ok! Make the best of every situation and every day and always count your blessings.


For inspiring pictures about eyes, eyewear, and eye fashion follow GLAMOPTOMETRIST on Instagram @glamoptometrist.





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