Jojo Rings

Accessories are easy to find, but how often do you come across one that you can wear with pride and know it has a purpose?

Meet Jordan Dudden! While attending Syracuse University, in the fall of 2014, she created one hand crafted ring made from a key. She now owns a jewelry company that makes rings from 100% recycled keys, JOJO RINGS. The best part about these rings is that no two rings can be the same because of their manufacturing process.
Styled.bysimone has been using JOJO RINGS for various photoshoots, and we’re finding that they can be an extra lift to any outfit.
Key_Rings_Hofstra (2 of 10)Photographer: Tim Meyer
We used one of our JOJO RINGS for a bohemian summer look, the brass material was a perfect blend for our color scheme.
Key_Rings_Hofstra (4 of 10)Photographer: Tim Meyer
We even did a everyday look where we wore two rings on one hand.
Key_Rings_Hofstra (1 of 1)Photographer: Tim Meyer
JOJO RINGS is an easy ready to wear accessory, and is one of Styled.bysimone’s summer favorites.

JOJO RINGS is a company that runs on three main principles: sustainability, individuality, and social good. With each sale, JOJO RINGS makes a donation to a local non-profit to help their community.


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