Lights, Camera, Network!


Just about a year and a half ago, I was 22 years old about to graduate from Hofstra University. I had no idea I’d be returning with the honor of being a guest speaker for one of their networking events, hosted by Hofstra’s own PRSSA chapter. A few days ago I met with and spoke to a great group of students, who believe it or not made me feel like such an inspiration. To give is better than to get and I’m now on an adventure to help several students from the event with their own projects, fashion blogs, PR advisement and much more. If there was one word to describe what all this made me feel is proud, not of myself, but of the students, the school and all the bright futures ahead of everyone I met. Everyone was curious about my lifestyle and profession, but also my outfit! A chic minimalist company, Made Modern, based in Chicago Illinois, did the honor of providing this electric blue jumpsuit that can be shopped through the links below. Believe it or not this is the second jumpsuit I’ve owned in my life, the main reason being I’m 5′ tall. So ladies, I highly recommend Made Modern, and am naming them one of my new favorite shops.

Jumpsuit: Made Modern

Handbag: Louis Vuitton

Nude Heels: Steve Madden

Gold Glitter Cuff: Express

Watch: Michael Kors

Necklace: Swarovski

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