Make Me Chic






With New Years right around the corner, why blend in when you can stand out with something fabulous? I was thrilled to be partnering with Make Me Chic, they have so many great choices. When I saw this dress, I knew it was the one I’d be writing about next. This dress has everything, a onesie on the inside, a plunging V, an elegant velvet pattern, and a chic color. Did I mention a great price? I’m wearing a size extra small, and even though I’m only 5’0, there were no alternations needed, it flowed perfectly, so all my petite readers, I hope this inspires you to wear longer dresses. Shop everything I’m wearing through the links below! Xoxo.

Plunging V Bodycon Velvet Dress ⎮Earrings (sold out – similar here)⎮ Camel Nubuck Heels

Photographer: Tim Meyer

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