Hello 2017 *



Well HELLO 2017! Its a new year, a fresh start, and most people are reflecting on the things they would like to do differently. I could sit here and write a whole list of things I’d like to change and things I’d like to try differently but you’d be reading forever. On this first day in January, I’ve started mapping out things that are important to me. I’ve started more projects, more public speaking opportunities and new partnerships for styledbysimone.com

Your work life and personal life build who you are and while I’m more than content with my personal life, I’m thrilled at the thought of my work life growing. Although I had this great photo shoot at a rooftop in Williamsburg, New Years eve was spent with my family, because who is more important?

In 6 days, it’ll be a happy 1 year anniversary for my blog and I could not be more thrilled! Thank you to The Rian Report for the Champagne + glasses, and thanks Tim Meyer for a year worth of great photographs and many more to come. Now who’s ready for all things fashion?


Photographer: Tim Meyer

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