I’m not sure if I should be writing about this view or stick to fashion blogging and write about my outfit, but this view is easily one of my favorites. Last weekend I shopped a BCBG closing out sale and I was thrilled about some of the pieces I got. There were plenty of spring pieces to pick from  and although i’m unable to find the same tops i’m wearing on their website, i’ve found some similar pieces below. I think breaking into Spring starts with including small doses of color in your outfit. I wore a neon tank under a black jacket with a tie up top and black OTK boots to match.

I took a walk around Gantry Park and got an amazing view from the parking garage. Face east and you can see a clear shot of Long Island City, face west an you can see the ever beautiful Manhattan.

Dark Blue Jeans  ⎮  OTK Suede Boots  ⎮  Top ( Similar in white)  ⎮  Jacket (Similar 1)  ⎮ Jacket (similar 2)

Photographer: Tim Meyer

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