The Road To 24 …


I am 24 today! Although I’ve been telling everyone that I just want to stay 22 forever, this birthday has brought more assurance to me. The road to 24 was a long one, but now that it’s here all I can do is share my thoughts on the things I’ve learned leading up to this day. If it’s one thing I know, I’ve changed dramatically, a year ago I’d be celebrating the night away, and yes I’ll still celebrate, but the best thing I’ll do today is share these 10 things I’ve learned with my readers.

1) Your life is your own — Your life belongs to you and although opinions are welcome and judgement is thrown, you decide what path you want to take. Everything you do should be somewhat for yourself, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish.
2)Family over everything — We love them, we hate them, but the world would stop spinning without them. I know I can’t live without mine. I’ve known my entire life the importance of them, but as time goes on, I appreciate and love them more and more each day. With every new project I take on, they’re right there wishing me the best.
3)Your friends are a complimentary support system — Whenever anything is happening in your life, your friends are the ones you group chat every detail too. With all my fashion blogging and other instances, my friends are my biggest supporters and in return I am theirs. If they aren’t your supporter, they might not be your friend and that’s okay too.
4)Life is short — Our time is limited, so spend each day inspiring, growing, loving and making a difference. On random days I often receive messages about being an inspiration or a ” thanks for sharing. ” These little uplifting things give life meaning.
5)Open your heart — That old saying ” you don’t know what you have until it’s gone ” is unbelievably true. If it’s dealing with a relationship or a friendship, it’s all the same feeling. If you know what you want, go out and get it!
6)Buy the shoes — Literally speaking, yes, you should purchase the shoes. Figuratively speaking, you should reward yourself from time to time. We work hard for what we want and you deserve a little something. So if it’s a new pair of stilettos, the answer is yes, purchase them and wear them out of the store.
7)Share your memories — Believe it or not, there is nothing wrong with sharing what you’re up to each day. I share my life almost everyday and I enjoy it. After all what is the point of social media?
8)Welcome change, but don’t change everything — My lifestyle has been changing with new things happening all the time but that’s not to say everything has to change. Welcome new things, but find the balance between what was and what is.
9)Be different, don’t blend in! — You were born to stand out, you’re an individual made different from the rest of the population so flaunt everything you have!

10)You don’t know it all — Most importantly, everyday is a new adventure and even at 24 you will not have everything figured out. I’m unsure of where my life will be headed but I’m sure about a few specifics in it. Remember life is full of surprises.

I’ve been 24 for less than a day and I feel older maybe wiser? Most importantly I feel more bliss than I ever have before and I’m excited to see what this next year of my life will bring.

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