Floral Bell Sleeves







Floral bell sleeves in the middle of the concrete jungle? YES PLEASE. I was outlet shopping at Charlotte Russe when I saw this Floral crop top with bell sleeves and the first thing I noticed was that it was entirely too big to fit my tiny self. The second thing I noticed was that since it was a blouse meant to look loose I could probably wear it anyways and no one would notice. Now that I just told on myself, I can go on about all the places you can wear an outfit like this too:


Daily Outfit

Party/Evening Event

Girls Shopping Day

Work (change the shoes and you’ve got a professional outfit)

The list goes on, but the best part about this outfit is that it cost me close to nothing! Would you believe I spent less than $10 on the top and bottom combined? Shop it all below, and remember, since you’re wearing something with flared sleeves, feel free to throw your arms so everyone knows! Oh the things fashion will make you do.

Floral Bell Sleeve Crop Top (different color)  ⎮  Maroon Pencil Skirt  ⎮  Sam Edelman Lace Up Wedges  ⎮  Henri Bendel Party Box ( glitter versions)

Photographer: Tim Meyer

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