Floral Embroidery








Flower embroidery over mesh? Who’d have thought this trend would be so.. T R E N D Y? I feel as if I woke up one morning and this look had consumed my life, and I loved it. I haven’t loved anything this much since fringe(which I’m still obsessed with.) The first embroidered piece that caught my eye was a white dress with bell sleeves and flowers across the chest. I then debated on purchasing a one piece because I kept envisioning the different ways I wanted to wear it:

  1. One piece with jeans – perfect for a night out or a day out
  2. One piece with a tulle skirt – who doesn’t love a good tulle skirt?
  3. One piece underneath a maxi dress – Hamptons summer chic all the way

Sad to say I never found the one piece of my dreams, but I did stumble into my local Mandee’s sale that lead to the piece i’m wearing in these pictures. Ironically, I now had the perfect two piece. The best part is i’m wearing a size small, with no alterations, and it doesn’t drag! My petite self is comfortable and snug in this size. I’ve chosen several pieces with the patchwork + similar pieces to what I’m wearing here, Happy Shopping! Xoxo

Similar embroidered romper (same pattern)  ⎮  Flared Floral Embroidered Dress

Dresses: Pick one  ⎮  Pick two  ⎮ Pick three  ⎮ Pick four

Tops: Pick one  ⎮ Pick two  ⎮ Pick three ⎮ Pick four

Bottoms: Pick one  ⎮ Pick two

Photographer: Tim Meyer

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