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Once in a blue moon, I’m that girl that likes to wear long sleeves with shorts, and it makes sense if its a breezy Summer day, right? While I might not have any real justification for wearing sleeves in the midst of Summer, I thoroughly just enjoy the way it looks. I’m wearing a pure silk blouse from Lilysilk and high waisted shorts from Charlotte Russe. Being that the outfit was mostly white, I paired it with nude shoes, and my Louiee Bag (mostly because I had a lot of things with me and needed a bag to fit it all.) If I was traveling lightly, I’d have worn a little cross-body, but things happen the way they are suppose too. I don’t wear silk often, I have a slight fear of ruining it, but I would highly recommend Lilysilk, I’ve got my eye on a few more pieces from there and its very possible they’ll be featured in future blog posts! Shop all my items below, and remember wear all the white you can now because once labor day hits, whose really going to be caught wearing white? Xoxo

Lilysilk blouse  ⎮  Floral High Waisted Shorts  ⎮  Speedy Louis Vuitton Bag  ⎮ Alice Mockberg Watch

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