A Comfortable Tuesday




Happy Tuesday! While everyones winding down from the long, but peaceful, holiday weekend. I’m sitting here thinking of things to write about this outfit. Besides sharing the link to purchase it, what is there to write really? It’s a levi’s t-shirt, jeans, suede heels and sunglasses, stylish but basic. Basic, but comfortable. Comfortable and one of my favorite outfits. The total cost for this outfit is less than $50, that includes everything except for the bag + my jewelry.  It’s all linked below, the bag can be purchased with the discount code SIMONE, for 20% off. Does anyone else feel like these shades can literally block anything? Also, a few more days until the start of NYFW !!! Xoxo

Levi’s T-shirtLevi’s T-shirt (plus size, unable to find anywhere else)  ⎮  Jeggings  ⎮ Bowler Bag  ⎮  Sunglasses (Ruby&Jenna located in Southampton)

** I tried find a quote about Tuesday to insert here, who’d have thought google would have so many hilarious ones. I only put one below, but google “Tuesday quotes” for a good laugh**

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.26.52 PM

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