PART 3!!! Its easy for me to say that part 3 was my favorite because it was something different for me. Ombre Agency, a digital fashion marketing agency, hosted a party with bloggers + designers and it was a ball! The people you meet and the things you do shape who you are. So when you walk into a party filled with girls all dreaming of the same thing as you, its easy to connect, easy to befriend, and easy to be yourself. Nineteenth Amendment shared some of their designs and designers , which hopefully you’ll see in a future blog post, it was exciting see their creativity come to life. Thank you ombre agency for the gifts, the memory and new friends that I made! Out of all my fashion week outfits, this one was the most asked about. I once got told this velvet robe makes me look like Harry Potter…personally I like Harry Potter so I rolled with it. It doesn’t translate well in photographs, but I wore a cropped fuzzy sweater with a flared skirt and suede booties with a gold heel. Shop everything below and bare with me for my 4th and final addition to these never ending fashion week blog posts!

   Black Skirt (similar)  ⎮  Green Velvet Jacket(similar)  ⎮  Suede Booties  ⎮  Aldo Bag

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