10 White Coats for this Winter






Years ago I’d have run away from white coats for Winter, mostly because I was terrified of getting them dirty or sitting on a park bench and walking away with dry leaves stuck to me. But here I am wearing a white coat, owning multiple white coats and trying to convince you to purchase one too. My logic behind this? I just really like the way it looks, the white pops + when it snows its literally winter wonderland(if you’re wearing your white coat that is.) The chances of me getting a photoshoot in the snow is slim but if I do get the chance, you bet I’ll be in another white coat. Until then I’m recommending 10 white coat must haves for this season. I’m even including the Teddy-Bear Coat everyones been asking me about. Since shoes are always a topic, I searched and searched to find the pair I’m wearing, but had no luck. So i’m linking this pair here, from Simmi London which is the closest I could find!

Hollister White Teddy Coat

MK Belted Walker Coat

White Columbia Parker (If you’re in NY, this is the one to stay warm in)

Venus Faux Fur Coat

White Wool Blend Coat

White Puffer Coat

White Biker Jacket

Stella McCartney Pearl Bomber

Shaggy Faux Fur Coat

White Hooded Coat



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