Retro Style Haul – Meghan Hughes Designs

The best thing about fashion is you can change your look day after day and a real artist will appreciate it. I guess I’ve always been one of those people that wears anything as long as I think its cute and by anything I mean anythinggggg. Nothing crazy, I just had a deeper appreciation of clothes growing up than most of my friends. My mom’s infamous at saying “styles repeat” and “Oh I had that same thing (in a different fabric, color and shape) when I was growing up.” Yes its true the trends repeat, the style is in a cycle and I recently was put in touch with a young designer who blew myself and my mother away. I’ve been wearing a whole bunch of pieces from Meghan Hughes, who sells here at Nineteenth Amendment.




The first outfit I’m sharing from Meghan’s collection is based off of this Denim Mini Skirt from her Wild Child Collection. I can easily say this is one of my favorite looks from this Fall. Everyone knows I’m overly attached to my while booties so I had to incorporate it into this look. Years ago I’d have said “why do people wear turtle necks.” I practically wear one every week, this one I just bought, it was the bell sleeves that sold me on them. Find the outfit details below and read until the very end!

Denim Mini SkirtWhite Booties  |  Similar White Turtle Neck



Another piece that I styled from her collection was the Tie Blouse from her Starstruck Collection. This I loved and I’ll have you know I wore with a pencil skirt, a mini skirt, and jeans before deciding my final outfit. It was a close call considering the blouse complimented them all. I paired with a faux fur grey vest (similar), because New York is just windy and cold from now until March. One more outfit is ahead and the details for the this one is listed below.

Tie Blouse  |  AEO Denim  | Wine Booties | Similar Faux Fur Vest


This last outfit was me being retro all the way. These green plaid shorts are from Meghan’s Wild Child Collection and they were a perfect fit on my petite self! I styled with all black, but there’s much more that can happen with these shorts. These boots, I’ve been wearing since last Winter and they never disappoint. I recently went on an over-sized sweater craze and I may or may not have bought the same one in every color…but at least I know I’ll be warm this winter! I have a few more things coming out later on from Meghan Hughes so stick around! Xoxo

Green Plaid Shorts  |  OTK Black Suede Boots  | Black over-sized open sweater

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