Why Every Girl Needs this Coat…



Being 4’11, the struggle is real when it comes to clothing. Although I have a ton of coats, they don’t always fit right. I’m a small person so things are either spot or I’m going for a swim in fabric. This type of long-line coat I rarely wear (due to height problems that I haven’t gotten over yet) but finding one that fit just right made me a wee bit happier for the winter. Is it madness to purchase in the 3 colors it comes in? The answer is yes, but I’ll probably do it anyways. you can pretty much wear anything under this coat, a cocktail dress, a casual outfit, maybe even a sweat-suit. I paired it with ripped denim, a satin blouse, my favorite white booties and my go to handbag. Shop all the details below and remember if you’re in New York, this coat is the perfect way to bundle up and stay warm! Xoxo

Drape Collar Long Line Coat  |  Ripped Denim  | Satin Blouse  | White Booties

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