Winter Wonderland





Snow is just one of those things we wait all year to see and if you’re in the New York area, you’ve seen it twice this holiday season already. I stepped out into the snow for a brief period today, just enough to take some photos, share this outfit and recommend a holiday gift. Once my toes start getting cold, I trade my heels for uggs and call it a day. A while age I was gifted with this coat, which I loved, but I had gotten it in the Spring time when the weather was warming up. Now its the opposite and I’m breaking it into my winter wardrobe. I paired with my favorite denim, here, and suede OTK boots. Lately I’ve been wearing my Sharif Couture Bucket Bag from Evine. If you’re not familiar with Evine, stick around to catch my holiday gift guide coming out Sunday! I’ve got tons of things to share from them and I’ll be re-sharing this bag. My mom’s already tried stealing my bag, but this one I think I’m holding onto and she’ll just have to borrow once in a blue moon (sorry mom.) Shop the bags here, and hurry! they’re moving fast. Xoxo

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