The Year I lived — 2017

Well 2017 is over and it’s been a struggle finding about 50 photos to show some of the better moments in 2017. I’m naming it the year I lived because when I think back there are so many things I did for the first time, so many places I visited and I even hit a record breaking 7k photos in my camera roll (thanking my iPhone for its storage day after day.)

The year started on a bumpy ride, but just around my birthday in March, things fell into place the way I hoped they would and it took off from there. Of course with happiness comes sadness and I endured my fair share. I was sick more times than I could count and my dog passed. Her passing was the the most pain I’ve ever felt, but life goes on and shes one of my sweeter memories. I’ve mapped out my prouder moments and all the things I enjoyed along with the people that mean the most to me. Xoxo


I started the year off visiting my BFF Brittany for a Galentines Day Weekend, which is being repeated this year even though I do have my bf as my Valentine (sorry Nick)

Approaching Spring, I taught a fashion class at Hofstra University ! Can i just say I was beyond honored and am returning there this Spring. Thanks for my education Hofstra!


I was even a guest speaker representing my blog at Hofstra’s PRSSA Spring Conference!

I made over 30 partnerships and collaborations with companies and designers, all tremendously talented. I even had my first interview with a unique company called Nineteenth Amendment.


I met the lovely Kendra Scott! Did I mentioned the only thing sweeter than her designs is her?

I attended 3 days of NYFW ( for the first time ever) which was more amazing than it sounds. This all came with new friends, fancy shows and events! If I could explain what fashion week is like I’d say the infamous quote below sums it all up:

“Every Year the Women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future. This is know as FASHION WEEK”

-Carrie Bradshaw

I vacationed a lot! Normally I’d vacation once a year, but this year I took one much needed trip to the Caribbean and tons of mini trips.

I shared all this with people who I enjoy having in my world.

And I made unforgettable memories with the person that is my world.

I liked the way the year happened and there’s nothing I would change about it except the part where my dog, Crystal, died. I have an endless amount of things to be thankful for and so much to celebrate this year!


RIP to the sassiest, spoiled, kind hearted most loyal pitbull there ever was. Love you endlessly ❤

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