Styling A Velvet Jacket






Happy Friday Eve !! Last weekend I stepped out in this Velvet Jacket and just wanted to share the thought behind it. I’ll have you all know I spent about 2 hours (I’m exaggerating a little) on the Forever 21 line to get this jacket. Velvet is just such a rich look that it made it hard to wear a plain fabric underneath so I paired it with a silk shirt. I topped it off with dark denim and my new OTK boots! The key accessory was my new “flowers in the meadow” bag from Alles Bags. Its little, stylish, fun and my go to these days. Believe it or not I rarely have any black/dark grey bags so I was super stoked to get this one. In case you’re thinking of recreating this outfit, I’ve linked the jacket in multiple colors below, but I’ll have you know, as stylish as it may won’t keep you warm =( so bundle up! I wore a thicker jacket over it to stay warm. Click to shop below! Xoxo

Eggplant Velvet Jacket  |  Black Velvet Jacket  |  Burgundy Velvet Jacket  |  Hunter Green Velvet Jacket  |  Mauve Velvet Jacket

flowers in the meadow.PNG          flowers in the meadow red.PNG


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