T O L A.

Happy Thursday Everyone! I’ve been ready to share this style haul I created with Tola, since last Sunday! I love sharing what boutiques have to offer and this one had plenty! I stopped in Saturday and put together several outfits with, the shop owner, Alison. Ladies, let me tell you, she makes shopping a more fun experience.

DSC_0345DSC_0350My first look, Allison and I came up with together, we even named it the ” So New York” look. Its a wrap jacket over a black body-con dress all available at Tola. The only thing here I added from my personal items were the OTK boots. Lets not forget this amazing cowhide bag. It’s a salt and pepper combo and as chic as you can get in a New York Winter.

Ahhh, this look was one of my favorites and so simple to create. I saw this fuzzy sweater from across the room when creating outfits and I knew I’d be sharing it. Ladies, its so easy to throw an over-sized sweater over a dress or jeans, add some boots and have a posh look. I even opted in a color pop bag (one of my favorite things to do is add color) Tola has bags like these in every color and I want every single color hanging in my closet someday.


Had I known Tola had a little glitz and glam, i’d have done my NYE shopping here, but hey Valentines day is on the way and why not shine a little? You can get this sparkly number in multiple colors. It fits like a charm and there’s a jewelry bar that has bracelets and earrings to match. I wanted to shoot this dress inside the store to catch a glimpse of the decor and what’s currently selling! I’ve got my eyes on the tote and luggage next to me in the first picture.


Here’s a peek of an elegant look chosen by Alison. This dress comes in another color scheme, a green camo look, and this silver metallic look. I have a special place I’m wearing this too and will definitely share more pictures and show you all how I dress it up in just a few short weeks.
Tola is located on Main Street in Bellport Village and if you haven’t been there already I highly recommend popping in! There’s something for everyone and with V-day around the corner, its a great place to get your valentine a little something (or a big something). Thanks for having me Tola!
Andrea Simone

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