14 Dress Idea’s for This Valentines Day






Since the start of 2018, I’ve been anticipating Valentines day. There’s always mixed reactions to this day, some people hate it, some people really hate it and others enjoy it. It’s just a holiday, but its my favorite. The idea of celebrating love is sweet, of course it should be celebrated everyday, especially if you are in love, but why not participate in the festivities? When I was 10 I thought the extent of Valentines Day was going to CVS with your mom to purchase heart shaped lollipops and a pack of V-day cards with some trending movie theme on it to hand out to your classmates. Times seemed so much simpler at that age. Now its tricky, you’re either spending it celebrating the holiday or you’re being the Valentines Day version of the Grinch. For you lucky ladies who have plans, who are celebrating in some way, I’m recommending 14 dresses + 1 for good luck below. The extra dress is the one I’m seen wearing here! I personally don’t know what my V-day plans are, but as soon as I know i’ll be sure to share them! The dress I’m wearing here fits like a charm and was super comfortable. Although it doesn’t have full sleeves, it was still a little something extra to add warmth. Happy early Valentines day! Xoxo (click to shop)

 shein dress  1  2
3.PNG    4.PNG
5 6 7
8.PNG   10.PNG
11  12  13
14.PNG  15.PNG

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