Turtle Neck Sweater Love + My Favorite View





When I was younger, I hated turtle necks with a passion. My mom always bought them for me and I thought she was crazy. I’m 24 and you can catch me in a turtle neck every other day maybe. So mom was being stylish all along, who knew? Last weekend, I took a trip to Boston to visit my bff Brittany and I basically only wore turtle necks, but this one particular one I wanted to share! This Bell Sleeve Turtle Neck, from Diane Gilman, is sold out but with good reason! She has a ton of pieces on HSN that you can shop from. It’s comfortable, stylish, soft and fits just right. I paired it with nude OTK boots and jeans to keep it simple. I wore it again when I returned to New York, and had my mom take this picture, shes trying to steal the turle neck from me..go figure. I’m also sharing my favorite view from Long Island City! You can see Manhattan from Gantry State Plaza and its breathtaking. I could stare off in this spot for hours and I’d never be bored. Shop my pieces below! Xoxo

Bell Sleeve Turtle Neck  |  Dark Denim  | Nude OTK boots Valentino Handbags (the one i’m wearing is sold out)

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