Thoughts on my 25th

DSC-7892DSC-7884DSC-7878DSC-7866DSC-7900As I hit this milestone birthday, I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone. I may be 25 but I still get asked if I’m 18 all the time. For now I’ll take that as a form of flattery. I celebrated this past weekend and had the best time! Forever thanking everyone who made my birthday special because it only takes a little love and laughter to make my day. I ran around New York in a little glitzy dress and feather boa to set the birthday mood.  In honor of this birthday I’m sharing 5 thoughts that’ll change your perspective.


1) Let it go — whatever it is, just let it go. The people you don’t like, past issues, any sadness, you’re better off without it.

2) Love deep — love like there’s no tomorrow. Your significant other, your family, your friends, show them how you feel.

3) Little things matter!!! — i’m not just saying this because I’m a little person..but more so because I’ve noticed everyone always says “the bigger the better” A LITTLE effort makes a big difference.

4) Inspire others — be bold and act in a fashion where people will admire and embrace the vibes you’re sending off.

5) Try new things — new foods, new activities, new anything. You can’t really say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it.

Photography: Darien Maginn

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