Event Season with Basic Invite


Ahh, its event season! I’ve got tons of events coming up, tons of things I’m attending and a few things I’m planning. There’ s a lot that goes into planning a party so I’m sharing 5 tips to a better event and the place I’ll be doing all my invitation shopping! Structuring your event all starts with how you present it to someone else and believe me when I say, the physical appearance of your invite can determine if someone wants to attend.


1) Send out the invites EXTRA early — The more time you give your guests to request off, the better the turn out! Scroll down to see who all my invites are being done with this year.
2) Take Polls! — It’s 1000% easier to create a menu when you know the types of food your guests will eat.
3) Give thank you cards the day of the event! – This may not always be appropriate, but writing thank you cards post event is sometimes difficult. If you’re throwing a birthday bash give a little gift at the end with a thank you note attached.
4) Give away your decoration/centerpieces – What you may have spent all day making for a centerpiece can be useful in someone else’s home, give it to one of your guests!
5) Don’t run out of ice! — So this tip isn’t shared enough. For any event that isn’t at a restaurant/hall/location, chances are you’ll run out of ice. Stock up and portion wisely throughout the night.


If you’re like me, then you’re probably a tad bit indecisive when it comes to invitations. I always second guess the template, the theme, the colors, the paper quality—but those days are behind me!

For all my events this year, I’ll be using Basic Invite for all my invitations. They’ve got 180 different color options for cards, which is a huge selection. The best feature, which I find very helpful, is that you’re able to get a sample mailed to you before placing your final order. This feature alone was enough for me to hop on board with them.

If you’re in the business of planning a wedding, they’ve got over 800 wedding invitation sets, keepsake guest books and free wedding websites. Lets not forget you’ll also need engagement invitationsbridal shower invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations.

I’ve picked my top 5 wedding invitation sets here:

Shop with Basic Invite here, and peep their Instagram here


Andrea Simone

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