City of Dreams






Visting NYC is just one of those things I think everyone needs to try. I’m not just saying that because I”m there all the time or because I love it so much, but because there’s a ton to do. Believe it or not the touristy things prove to be some of the more fun things. So this outfit I wanted to share was a typical everyday outfit, but right when I was about to take pictures in it, the horse drawn carriage coming out of central park grabbed my attention and the idea for this blog post was sparked. Here are the must try things in the City of Dreams + my outfit details!

Alles Bag | Leather Skirt (similar) | Red button up (marshalls) | shoes (similar)

1) The Horse Drawn Carriage — What better way to go through central park than in a horse drawn carriage? It’s one of those things New York is famous for, but its also helplessly romantic when you and that special someone snuggle up for a cozy ride.
2) Top of the Rock — Every city has observation decks and this one will give you a view like no other. The view from up there is wild and its a must when in New York.
3) The Rink at Rockefeller Center — Ice skating during the holidays in Rockefeller Center is breath-taking! It’s something for all ages and its guaranteed fun!
4) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge — This I’ve been doing since I was little and its something people do everyday. Its seen in movies and its a popular place to take photos. Take a walk from Brooklyn across the bridge and you’ll end up in the financial district where that ever so popular charging bull is.
5) Central Park — Just walking through the park will bring you to something wonderful. There’s numerous activities to do in the park itself, but how could you not want to visit a park in the middle of a city?
6) Fifth Ave — That famous Ave mentioned in countless movies is worth the trip too. Even if you aren’t purchasing something, its nice to window shop and see what all the commotion about shopping on 5th ave is about.
7) The MET — Gossip Girl was infamous for their morning meetings on the stairs of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) but there is so much more to this museum. It has tons of exhibits worth seeing, places to lunch and who wouldn’t wanna see the place where the MET Gala is? A small donation will get you into one of the most famous museums out there.
8) The Double Decker Bus — This one takes the cake for the most touristy things on this list, but if you want to see the city without having to walk too much, take a tour bus. Its a nice trip in the summer time and you’ll have someone pointing out the buildings and sites! Be sure to wear that infamous NY visor and take as many photos as you can.
9) Broadway!!!! — If you haven’t been to a play, well catch one on Broadway. Chances are you’ll have to plan for this months in advance, but there’s always shows to see and I think its something most people would appreciate, and there’s no harm in trying it.
10) Visit Times Square — there’s plenty to do in Times Square, shopping, eating, gazing into the lights. There’s a lot of shows that tape in the buildings above, so if you stick around long enough some sort of host might make their way down into the streets. Aside from that, there’s plenty of street shows, music, and street artists attracting crowds.

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