Snap Button Pants






One of the latest trends, are these “snap button pants” that I’ve been seeing in every store. I was hesitant to purchase because i’m only 4’11 and I didn’t want to get them tailored and ruin the cut. I grabbed a pair from Marshalls and of course they were way too long, so I whipped out my highest pair of heels to make up for my lack of height. The pants just touched the ground and you can’t see my shoes, but I like the hidden shoe look. An almost identical pair are selling here + others are linked below. The buttons are open so they look slightly different in the photo. I wore these pants to go out to brunch and I only tripped once…so it wasn’t terrible. I also wanted to take photos in the subway for this, which proves to be harder than it should be! I take photos all the time, but people staring can still make you feel uncomfortable sometimes. I’ve linked other pairs below + the bag I’m wearing that I’ve been wearing for 2 years now! Happy Shopping. Xoxo

Bowler bag (in red)

Pants options: option 1 | option 2 | option 3| option 4 | option 5

 Photographer: Darien Maginn


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