Life Lately 5-3-2018



Rhythm and Blues Bag | Blazer | Shoes (similar)

The month of April has been quite the adventure for me. I went from being dressed in a Mobile Closet to being on an influencer panel at Hofstra University to career day at my previous High School.
I’m always blogging, adventuring, working or hanging out with friends, and as much fun as those things are, its nice to give back sometimes. I was invited to speak on Hofstra’s PRSSA Panel for the 2nd year in a row and I said yes without hesitation. To the University that gave me my wonderful Public Relations education, thank you + thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with students ready to graduate and embark on their own journey. I’ve been back at Hofstra for a few events and each time I meet hard working students who I know will do great things.
I was also invited to career day to share life as a part time blogger to the students of William Floyd High School. They’re so young and filled with questions, but none the less the perfect audience to share all these social influence careers with. I event met some students who are attending  Hofstra University upon graduation ☺️. Aside from just meeting with students, I caught up with many of my old teachers, some whom I keep in contact with and others whom I haven’t seen in years. Thanks for having me Floyd!
Earlier in April I had the chance to work with Primark on an event and it’s been one of my favorite collaborations yet. My new photographer (Darien Maginn) and I headed to Coney Island for the day, shot some things for Primark, ate hot-dogs (does everyone love uptown girls?) and we walked the boardwalk. The park isn’t open yet so it was nice to be there when there wasn’t a crowd. Primark is coming to NYC this month and you bet we’ll be at the grand opening ready to shop.
While all these exciting things happened in April, my favorite thing was getting my bridesmaid dress! It’s on the personal side, but there’s no better feeling that knowing you’ll be apart of someone’s special day. Later this year, you’ll catch a glimpse of the most beautiful bride to come, Brittany. (she’s also in the photo above)
It’s not that I didn’t know these lessons before, but April was just an emphasis on a few little life lessons. I learned that some friendships will grow closer/stronger while others will fade(and its okay to let it.) I learned that being the bigger person doesn’t always benefit you, sometimes you just need to walk away all together. Most importantly I learned, people who genuinely love and care for you will be there, no matter what.
  Fav quote —> “Good Energy is contagious”
So life is good and can only get better, there’s a lot to look forward too! Mothers day and fathers day is around the corner. My grandma is visiting for a few months! My not so little sister will be graduating high school and going to prom…😰 She’ll also being going off to college (maybe i’ll just go with her) and I have friends from college coming to visit! So many new adventures to come…Xoxo

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