Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking





Miranda Priestley said it best in that iconic movie we love so much, The Devil Wears Prada. It’s just one of those trends that’ll repeat..and pretty much conquer. Florals in the Spring time is a must, I personally start wearing Floral Maxi’s/skirt/dresses towards the latter part of Spring into Summer. The dress I’m wearing here is an oldie and believe it or not its a size medium!!! The Top fit well, of course it was way too long, but I broke out my highest pair of heels and voila..fit like a charm. I was in the process of mapping out floral maxi’s when I realized that clicking here  will give you an array of options from Nordstroms. I’m currently contemplating, this, this and this dress for a Sunday Vineyard trip coming up. The dresses linked are all under $60, so they’re at a reasonable price point. I guess you could say that this maxi I’m wearing here is a staple piece since I’ve had it hanging around in my closet for some time now. Spring is in the air, and my hair ( i’m having good hair days lately.) The weather is b-e-a-u-tiful, Summer is making its way, and life is mellow. Click below to browse through floral maxis + keep reading below to see my favorite scenes from The Devil Wear Prada.

Shop Floral Maxis  |  Merlot Booties

Photography: Darien Maginn

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