10 Ways to Live A Happier Life*






This post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. I mean I’m no expert in anything other than what shoes to wear with your outfit, but I write these personal posts once in a blue moon when I find them relate-able. I haven’t been posting blogs or Instagram posts, not because I don’t want too but because I’ve just been having fun, living life and there was no camera around. It was a little mental break and I feel refreshed and ready to go again. I’ve researched and picked out 10 pieces of advice on “living a happier life” just to share for anyone who’s looking for a little pick me up. It wouldn’t be a styled.bysimone post without some sort of outfit incorporated so the fringe skirt and onsie options are linked at the bottom of this post! Xoxo

Exercise More!!! – A little 15 min workout a day will change your entire mood, release stress and whip you into shape!

Don’t Forget Your Beauty Sleep! – Take a little nap, make sure and get a good nights rest, after all how are you going to function and not be cranky if you’re lacking sleep?

Find Your Strengths – Whether this be with your work or writing or a sport, find what you’re good at and keep doing it. There is talent in everyone.

Let Go of Any Negativity – Say BYE to what makes you feel low and focus on the good – the good always outweighs the bad.

Use Your Support System/Ask For Help – Friends and family are in your life for a reason, so when life is too much, find a shoulder to lean on.

Slooooooowwwww Down!!!!! – Drive Slower, Walk Slower, Put the phone down for a second – nothing is a race and being first doesn’t always mean you win.

Go For It! – Want to vacation? Book the trip –  Want a new car? Buy it – Need a new haircut? Make the appointment – There’s nothing out of your reach!

 Embrace Change –  Nothing stays the same, but things evolve and change to improve and you should too. Just because you are comfortable with something, it doesn’t mean its the best option.

Stay Present – Forget about the past and don’t think about the future too much. Live in the now, and the rest will fall into place.

Meditate – Just a quick 10 mins of relaxation, silence and a clear head will leave you refreshed. (phones away)

SHOP** — okay so this is actually #11, but how could I not throw this in here for giggles? I’m not saying spend all your money on material objects, but I am saying there is no harm in treating your self once in a while! 

Fringe Skirt | Similar Lace Onsie

Photographer: Darien Maginn

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