A little Women Empowerment w/ Kala


Recently, I partnered with Kala to share a movement about confidence. I’m wearing their “I AM HERE, HERE I AM” tee-shirt and while working on this campaign, I just thought that I wanted to share what’s empowering and defines confidence in a woman’s world. A lot of my friends have careers that just build women up and what’s more influential than that? I’m sharing 4 people in my life and a little story behind them to show off their cool careers but also to show why they’re such an inspiration. Women have come so far and and when we are determined we can do just about anything.


Brittany – When I was in middle school, I had moved, but about a week into my new school, a little gal named Brittany invited me to her 12th birthday party… and with that I made a lifelong best friend who has supported me in everything I’ve ever done. After high school she went away to Bentley University and after college she started working for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company as a Senior Actuarial Analyst (GO B!!) She’s one of those women whose currently ruling in the corporate world and in the real world! Her next stop is Berlin for a marathon she’s running! She’s the definition of a goal orientated bad*ss that can’t be caught (literally.) Every time she’s promoted I feel I’m even happier than she is ūüėā


Kaitlyn – So you know how in college, you take certain classes you really don’t want too..well I had to take this speech class (which I should have been more thankful for) and that’s where Kait came into my life. She was a cheerleader at Hofstra, with the same¬†major as me, that sat next to me one day and we just became friends. She’s easily one of the most personable¬†people on this¬†planet and we stayed in contact and grew even closer once we both started blogging –> kaitsexton.com¬†Her career however is¬†straight (insert fire emoji here)¬†Ever hear of UCA? Well that¬†universal cheerleading company is where she works! She’s a marketer and skills specialist and did I mention she travels around the world¬†every year? I’ll never forget¬†the day I texted her for help with homework and she responded “I’m in¬†Germany¬†for the weekend.” She was recognized by¬†the¬†women’s sports foundation (SUPER PROUD OF HER) as athlete of the year and¬†she’s an¬†inspiration to thousands of women¬†and girls all over¬†the country. ¬†I’m honored to be her friend, but extremely proud of the empowerment¬†she’s giving women.


Gaitlyn – First off,¬†there¬†is no spelling error here, its Gaitlyn with a G not K!¬†She’s about as unique as her name if I had to be straight forward. While I so dream of Fashion Week, Gait dreams of Shark Week….She currently works as an¬†environmental specialist, but prior to she was getting a degree in Marine Biology at The University of New Haven.¬†She’s attending grad school in a couple of weeks but¬†she’s done some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.¬†She’s worked¬†with the sharks! YES REAL SHARKS! Last year she had an internship where she’d bring these bad boys on board and study them. I consider her brave, but extremely talented and fearless too ..peep¬†the pic above,¬†she’s the blonde in the middle!!


Darien – You may have seen¬†this name in ohh I don’t know, every single one of my¬†blog posts.¬†She’s the mastermind behind the great¬†aesthetic on my blog. ¬†Darien, who believe it or not, I’ve known since high school and¬†she’s always had a camera in her hand for as long as I can remember. When there was a school fashion show,¬†you’d better believe she was there taking¬†amazing photos. She studied at FIT after¬†high school and fast forward a¬†couple of years later and¬†she’s making¬†the most¬†incredible wedding photos. Darienmaginnphotogrpahy will give you a¬†glimpse of her talent. As far as creative careers go, she’s a one of a kind. Her passion is her art.¬†

P.S She took photos for this post also (love you Darien!)


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