I Didn’t Choose The Blogger Life, The Blogger Life Chose Me*


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions such as why do you blog or how can I get started I try my best to answer these questions and since I’ve been blogging I’ve gotten to experience things I never thought I would. I’ve partnered with amazing brands, I’ve attended Fashion Week, and worked on campaigns that I could have only dreamed of before. I thought I’d share 5 good reasons you should be blogging. I’m not saying everyone needs to, but I am saying there’s a lot of positivity/reward that comes with.

Your very own online diaryI had a professor in college that use to refer to blogs as online diaries. He said ” of course you wouldn’t publish anything on there you wouldn’t want the world knowing, but regardless its still your inner thoughts written.”– I love social media and when I began blogging it was an easy way to share my thoughts in my own space and include pictures. The best part is the only people that visit your website are the ones that WANT to be there/see what you’re up too.

You’ll make some blogger friendsLike any hobby, there are people that are interested in reading and writing about the same things as you are. Just in case your friends aren’t into blogging (its okay for them not to be) you’ll have a whole new circle to share your blogger adventures with.

You can inspire someoneSomewhere, someplace, there’s someone who read’s and follows you and looks up to you in a sense. You’re setting an example with what you’re blogging about and giving  people on what to do , what to wear, where to go.

You may land a few partnerships! – Of course blogging isn’t my full time career…yet…but along the way you’ll get a few people who love what you’re doing and want to create some content with. I still remember my first offer and the feeling you get when someone wants you to represent them is unreal.

Its a FREE hobby!!!!Yes that’s right F R E E. There’s no charge for your thoughts or the blog post you write a few times a week and you can even get away with using the free version of WordPress depending on how much content you’re putting out. So when you think about it, all you ladies and gents that have asked me where to start, start here with writing and creating a website. If you want to start, there’s nothing stopping you because there are no start up costs.

Photography: MOM!

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Choose The Blogger Life, The Blogger Life Chose Me*

  1. I recently started a blog, I was reluctant at first but I am glad I started. I definitely love creating content. Do you have any tips on how to reach out to other bloggers to create blogger friendships?

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