Wedding Season*

  The Summer/Fall wedding season is by far one of my favorites(*que the wedding bells*) Ironically as I'm writing this post, I'll be attending a wedding later today, then 3 more from now until November. I'm even a bridesmaid in one of them. If you're a bridesmaid, its an easy win on what to wear, … Continue reading Wedding Season*

Summer Cocktails + A Peach Maxi

This past weekend, I spent the majority of my time in a pool and it got me thinking its time to start sharing Summer Inspo! This doesn't just relate to fashion, but it deals with trips/swimwear/party ideas/cocktails/mock-tails...basically anything summer related! I recently had some roof-top fun and created two cocktails using Brooklyn Crafted Beer. I found … Continue reading Summer Cocktails + A Peach Maxi

Romper Season

Tis' the season ladies, for rompers I mean!! Rompers in the summertime is a must, mostly because its one piece of clothing and a sure outfit for the day/night. I love a good two piece, but a romper is overall less work and if you get cold, just throw a light sweater over it! The … Continue reading Romper Season

Beauty Inspo

The "getting ready" process for women takes quite some time. Personally, I have about a 40 minute process which includes the curling of the hair, the taming of the eyebrows, the re-applying of the lipstick 12 times before i'm satisfied with the way it looks.'ll be satisfied with the look you were going for, … Continue reading Beauty Inspo