Delfin Spa + Sunset Yoga


Yoga on an east end beach in Long Island while the sun sets is an unforgettable workout. Fashionable fitness apparel isn’t the easiest of finds, but with Delfin Spa that problem is no more. What makes Delfin Spa original is the bio-ceramic materials embedded into their fabrics. Their apparel is comfortable and stylish. One of my favorite pieces is their “Mineral Infused High Waisted Exercise Capris” that comes highly recommended for yoga and many other activities. I paired their exercise capris with one of their cute branded tanks. My minds been made that for any workout or exercise I do, Delfin Spa will be the only thing I wear. Once you try it you’ll understand why too!

I’m teaming up with Delfin Spa to bring all my readers a 20% discount on everything with code “SIMONE” at checkout. Check out and start shopping today!

Featured Items:



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